Year End Standings

                                       ARHS members accumulate points at each show towards year end awards.                                                                             Yearly Membership starts from the day you sign up.                                                                                                    Please check your points, after every show                                                                                                     Points are usually posted within 3 days of the show                                                 

Please be sure we have your mailing address for Year End Banquet Invite.

Points are awarded in each class as follows.

Splitting - If the number of entire's in a division is to large the judge may choose to "split" the division. If a division is to be split it will be announced to the competitors prior to the start of the class. 


First Place - 8 points
Second Place - 6 points
Third Place - 5 points
Fourth Place - 4 points
Fifth Place - 3 points
Sixth Place - 2 point


Points are not official until they have been reviewed by the Points Secretary.  It is possible the official points will differ from what was announced at the show.  Changes to Champion and Reserve will be notified . Please make sure if you misplaced or using a different back number; to notify the office with a Number change.


2021 Points