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About Autumn Riders

 Autumn Riders produces locally Hunter - Jumper shows in the Tri -State area. 

 We offer all level of classes from Lead Line to Advanced; Hunter, Jumper,  Equitation.

 Feature classes offer challenge and success for a variety of rider and horse skill levels.


Our welcoming show environment creates a fun, positive atmosphere for beginner to advanced amateurs and professionals in our show series.

Our mission is to provide an overall Outstanding Exhibitor Experience from

Start to Finish!


*  Quality Jumps & Show Environment
*  Professional, knowledgeable & friendly staff
*  Schooling shows &  At Show Prizes & Year End Awards
*  Year End Awards = 3 or More Shows  
* Exhibitor Hospitality at Every Show


~ Suggested ~

Safety precautions day of show
* Water containers brought from home & not sharing buckets
* Minimize physical interaction between horses
* Do not share grooming aids

In an effort to protect one horse, we become responsible for them all!

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