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         Equine Education Scholarship: Will Be Awarded At Year End Banquet

This scholarship is open to all candidates who have shown an interest and good sportsmanship in any aspect of the horse industry. A candidate may apply for this scholarship to help with any type of equine related activity that will educationally benefit the candidate.

The amount of the scholarship will be up to $500. More than one scholarship maybe awarded during a calendar year. This award is to be used by a candidates for riding, lessons with a professional of their choice, clinics, educational seminars, betterment of the rider or any other activity that the Scholarship Committee feels qualifies.

To qualify for a scholarship a candidate must:

  1. Submit an application no later than October 14, 2018. A completed packet must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee.

  2. Write an essay, approximately 500 words, on “How has their equestrian experience impacted their life?”

  3. Submit a resume of your equine experience and what the funds will be used for. Please indicate the amount requested, if necessary.

  4. Provide one letter of recommendation showing how the candidate has clearly demonstrated they are an outstanding sportsman and an asset to the horse community.

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