• 1st - 12 points
  • 2nd - 10 points
  • 3rd - 6 points
  • 4th - 4 points
  • 5th - 3 points
  • 6th - 2 points
Any placebelow 6th will be worth 1 point.
Will be awared day of the show.


                           More Information:

         Catherine Noel

          732 569-2299

               Email                        ARHS5508@gmail.com

   $500. Jumper Derby

       August 19, 2018

      Eight riders  or Sweepstakes Class will run.


Entry  Fee: $60 Pre Enter

Entry Fee:  $65 Post Entry

Less then 8 Riders _ Derby will run as a Sweepstakes class

Ribbons Awarded 1st thru 6th place in each of two classes of the division. Prize Money awarded 1st thru 4th place in each division.
Divisions (May be combined if entries warrant) 8 or more Riders for Derby /less then 8 will be ran as sweepstakes class,  It is suggested to ride 1 Class in your desired Division.
Elementary Jumper 18"-2'w/2'3" Option Fence
Itty Bitty Jumper 2'0"-2'3"w/2'6" Option Fence
Novice Jumper 2'6"-3'0"w/3'3"Option Fence
To compete for prize money a rider must ride both rounds of a division. The first round will be judged on op
optimum time and faults. The second round will be judged on the riders equitation.
During the equitation round rider who ride the increased height option fence  will be awarded 2 extra points for the rounds over all score  if the fence is knocked 1 extra point will be given.  Riders who earn the most points over the two rounds will determine final standings
Additional Information:
  • Stadium Jumps will be used to create a course that is scored based upon a combination of time, faults, and riders equitation.
  • 10 or more jump course
  • 1 height option fence
  • Courses start and finish with a single stadium fence
  • Optimum time will be unique to each course/level
  • Willful delays to enter the ring will be penalized
  • Riding order will be determined by riders back number for both rounds